Today’s December update is the last for the OG Pixel and Pixel XL

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Outdoor Led Display Market Regional Penetration Rate Evaluation by 2021

The global outdoor LED display market is largely consolidated with the prominence of a few large companies that hold majority market share. Top companies in the global outdoor LED display market to name are Barco N.V., LG Electronics, Daktronics Inc., Panasonic Corporation, and Sony Corporation. R& D investments for selected target areas, expansion of product portfolio, and initiatives for B2B sales development are some of the core growth strategies leading players in this market are focused on. Introduction of low-priced products is also what top companies in this market are striving for. A case in point is Data Display Co. Ltd. The company acquired by Daktronics Inc., focuses on developing innovative products for public places such as railway stations, airports, road signage, and bust stops. Some companies have also resorted to inorganic growth by entering into strategic alliances. For example, in August 2015, Leyard Opto-Electronics acquired Planar Systems Inc. The global market for outdoor LED display is segmented on the basis of application into LED billboards, LED mobile screens, LED video walls, premier LED boards, LED traffic lights, and other LED matrix displays. Of...